Love Me Again Children's Clothes Agency

Buy and sell pre-loved quality children's clothing with Love Me Again @ Poppy Red. We stock a selection of items with an original price of £30+. Sell your 'as new' items through us and avoid the hassle of trying to sell online. 

The Scenario - Your children have outgrown some clothes which you really loved and that were barely worn, probably kept for special occasions. You don’t really want to pass on to the charity shop as they are so nice so you’ve put them away in a cupboard to sell on eBay when you get time ….. The thing is, when you’ve tried this before, you end up dealing with silly questions and having issues with postage or returns. It isn’t really worth it so eventually, these clothes do end up being passed to the charity shop. Does this sound familiar? Love Me Again at Poppy Red is the answer!

Here’s how it will work - You bring the clothes to us, which will be in ‘as new’ condition and suitable for the current season, washed, pressed & ready to sell. Tell us the price you paid when the item was new and we will usually put the garment for sale at 50% of the original price. When the item sells, the proceeds are split and you can collect the cash. Simple! With limited space available, we will initially only be taking garments with an original price of £30 and over. This is to make sure that buyers are seeing some excellent quality items which is more likely to result in sales so beneficial to all parties.

For clarity on both sides, there are some terms and conditions so please follow the link to find out more. Please get in touch if you have any queries which are not address in the T&C’s and please don't call in with clothes without calling in advance as we may be full and do not have space to store items for sale at a later time.


Buying From Us

Items are ‘sold as seen’. We take every opportunity to check the clothes for faults but as these items are generally used, you should make your own checks before making a purchase. We rely on the integrity of our sellers but it is the buyer’s responsibility to be sure of the authenticity of an item before purchase. As we do not have changing facilities, you have 7 days to return items. After that time, no returns will be accepted as the seller will have been paid.

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